Daily Chinese Herald

Daily Chinese Herald offers readers and advertisers the highest quality and most engaging news making it one of the most popular Daily newspaper in Australia. It has been serving the Chinese Community for 27 years. It is published 5 days a week it features local, national and world wide news, politics, business, sports, finance, forum, opinions and entertainment. We aim to market our daily newspaper as a unique medium, with a strong current and future relevance for both readers and consumers.

Sydney Chinese Daily (1688 Daily)

The Sydney Chinese Daily newspaper is Sydney’s most influential and widely-read Chinese language publications. 
Our main readership demographics consist of ethnic Chinese from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, East Timor, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos. The Sydney Chinese Daily is the first and only free daily newspaper to cover Sydney based local news, editorial and advertising content.  Our readers are eager for local news, are highly aware and keen to maintain well informed. With 24,000 copies printed each issue, it is distributed for free at 350 selected locations across Sydney.

Oz Weekly Magazine

Oz Weekly entertains, inspires and informs.
It enables advertisers to reach a massive and attentive Chinese audience in a relaxed environment that covers news and current affairs, as well as human-interest features, reviews, fashion, food and wine, sets it apart in the weekly market. 


Chinese Herald Property Weekly more info

The Chinese Herald Property Weekly is Australia’s largest Chinese property publication. It has the highest readership to deliver the best value in property advertising. Each issue contains more than 250 pages divided into 3 booklets with unique content to successfully sell your property. The high quality of our publication reinforces brand value together with mass distribution reaches the broad and active Chinese market.
Our aim is to provide Chinese property buyers and investors with the latest property news and information and introduce a network of Chinese buyers to the Australian real estate market. We provide our clients with high quality bilingual advertisements with services of the highest professional standards.





Sydney Chinese Daily (1688日报‏)

1688日报是悉尼唯一一份大量免费发行的华人日报。读者群拥有华人社区来自不同背景的成员——分别来自中国大陆,香港,台湾,新加坡,马来西亚,越南,印度尼西亚,东帝汶,柬埔寨和老挝等。新闻内容丰富多彩,除了实时更新澳洲新闻,还涵盖国内外时事,包含大量最新资讯。1688日报,发行量每期24000份以上,并在悉尼地区80个派发点免费派发 。





华声地产 more info